Button Mag

April 1, 2009

Congratulation to editor-in-chief Brittany McGrath and all of the staff of the newly launched “Button Mag.” It is hard to imagine a more difficult time to be launching a new magazine. Everyone at the UO School of Journalism and Communication wishes Brittany and her crew of Ducks (ok, they aren’t all UO grads and Flux alumni) all the luck in the world.

In these challenging times I am frequently asked if students are still interested in journalism. My answer is that students are in the SOJC because they love doing journalism. The fact that the industry is in the midst of a fundamental change in its business model is a challenge, but students still have the passion and the drive to become journalists, and the faith to believe in the future of their profession. They want to tell stories ranging from the lifestyle journalism of Button Mag to hard hitting investigative work, and they will do so. The present is challenging to say the least, but the future is bright.